Child Custody Lawyers in Auburn

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If you are looking for a child custody lawyer in Auburn, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re going through a divorce, or simply want to get custody of your child, you may be wondering what options are available. This article will explain some of your options and how a specialist lawyer can help you make an informed decision about your case. Also, you can learn more about how child custody laws differ in Auburn. You can get a free 15 minute consultation with a Auburn lawyer to discuss your case.

In Victoria, courts assume that the two parents share parental responsibility. Shared custody is an arrangement in which the child lives with one parent and spends time with the other. It works best when both parents have equal time for the child. While shared custody does not work in every situation, it can be an excellent choice for a parent or couple. In Victoria, it is important to note that parents can have a significant amount of time with their children.

The court will not make a decision on where a child goes to school without consulting both parents. In addition, the family law courts are notoriously slow, sometimes taking months to make a ruling. The only way to speed up the process is to hire a child custody lawyer to help you negotiate a mutual agreement. Moreover, a child custody lawyer can also assist you in getting the best parenting plan for your children. You’ll be glad you did!

Parents can appeal court orders in Auburn. The court can vary a parenting order or make a decision based on “significant changes” in circumstances. Moreover, the mother can request that the father be ordered to attend a parenting course, provide make-up time, or pay a fine. A court’s decision will determine what’s best for the children. If your child’s best interest is at stake, it’s crucial to work with a skilled Auburn child custody lawyer.

Creating a parenting plan can be a time-consuming process that requires patience and negotiation. The best way to avoid these pitfalls is to consult an experienced child custody Auburn lawyers who can help you create a parenting plan that works for both parents. In addition, make sure you include the issue of child support. Child support in Australia is a complicated part of divorce and custody. A parent may not be able to collect child support arrears after three months. If you want to keep costs down, consider splitting your expenses. If you can, include the 2-2-3 Plan in the parenting plan.

The court must also consider the needs of the children, the relationship between the two parents, and the welfare of the child. It has a presumption that the children have the best interests of the child, and must give equal weight to the need for protection over the child’s well-being. For example, a child exposed to domestic violence may be better off with one parent than with both parents. If the parents are separated and do not have a mutually agreed upon parenting plan, the court will often award sole custody.